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Mourning-Wolves.jpg (4963×2362)

Mourning-Wolves.jpg (4963×2362)

WW1 melee weapons by AndreaSilva60

It& all grist to the mill WWI - Reference Table It can not go unnoticed that some of the weapons shown here may be anachronistic in the context of a modern war, but were to be produced and distrib.

ww1 sidearms by AndreaSilva60 on DeviantArt

At the beginning of the war European armies had supplied a few types of hand grenades, and several types of bombs dropped from rifles. During the war many types of hand grenades were developed, and.

ww1 German heavy cavalry headgear by AndreaSilva60

Technical reference table Generally speaking russian army fought the great war without any kind of helmets, except a little quantitative of French Adrian helmets that were given to the elite troops.

ww1 Central Powers headgears by AndreaSilva60 on DeviantArt

WWI Reference table The military doctrines of the early advocated a movement  war where infantry would had assaulted, accompanied by modern and light field guns - hydro-pneumatic sh.

Blood Berets by DavidSondered on DeviantArt

Interior illustration for Warzone Ressurection. (C) Prodos Entertainment/Paradox Entertainment Blood Berets