3D replica of well known art work- a great way to study famous artworks

PROJECT: Quest Artists: MS: A Painter's World - The goal for this lesson was to study a painting and recreate it in a three-dimensional model, applying the artists' painting technique and color palette.

Siento una enorme complicidad hacia las preguntas y hacia quienes preguntan. Las preguntas tienen hasta musicalidad: les han puesto dos instrumentos que les hacen sonar, uno al inicio y otro al fin…

¿Dónde está Tomás?. Micaela Chirif y Leire Salaberria


Cardboard CITY - my class created a huge city out of recycled goods during Earth month. It is a great way for children to learn about recycling and that you can make something beautiful out of trash.

building, neighborhood, 우리 동네 건물들 - 누리놀이 터치 > 교구/교재 > 누리놀이 | 누리과정

building, neighborhood, 우리 동네 건물들 - 누리놀이 터치 > 교구/교재 > 누리놀이 | 누리과정

A incredibly accurate build of Radiator Springs out of cardboard. Kind of amazing. I wish we had the room to do this.

Radiator Springs made of cardboard (via The Weisse Guys) Noah would LOVE this!

The Weisse Guys: radiator springs

We love the Disney movie Cars in our house. And I don& just mean that my two little boys love it.