unorthodox dolls

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a doll is wearing a backpack and has a hat on it's head while standing in front of a white wall
showing to the people, I have an expensive backpack. without pretense. hipster life. #irony
a woman jumping in the air on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean
'cause all the hipsters ''should'' put a picture on facebook jumping on a beach. how original ... haha
a doll is sitting on the window sill holding a coffee cup and saucer
a woman looking out the window of a car
someone is laying down on the beach with their feet in the air and water behind them
ohhh, I'm an hipster, I'm at a beach, with my feet in the air... ohhhh
a woman with long red hair is looking at the water and mountains in the distance
two pictures one with an ice cream cone and the other with sunglasses
a woman sitting next to a lake with trees in the background
a woman is walking on the beach with her feet in the water and she's wearing blue jeans
a doll is wrapped in a blanket on the beach
an image of two hotdogs in the bathtub with soap on them and bubbles
a doll is standing on the edge of a body of water wearing a hat and sunglasses
a woman sitting at a table with coffee and magazine on top of the table next to her
a doll is laying on the floor next to a purse
two people sitting on the floor in front of a laptop computer, with one person touching another's hand
normal attitudes of the standard couples.
two dolls are playing in the kitchen with toys
two dolls sitting on the floor in a kitchen
a dollhouse kitchen filled with furniture and dolls
two women sitting at a table in a dollhouse kitchen with miniature furniture and accessories
a doll is playing with toys in the bathroom
two barbie dolls sitting next to a christmas tree with presents on the floor and one holding a coffee cup
a bathroom scene with two mannequins in the bathtub and one holding a bottle
two dolls are in the bathroom with toys
a barbie doll is preparing food in the kitchen
several dolls are posed in front of a refrigerator and table with toys on the floor
two dolls are sitting on the floor in front of a christmas tree and other toys