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two men hugging each other with the caption that says, when someone calls your best friend their best friend
Picture memes gpi3bONT3 by Dean_Cringechester: 1.4K comments - iFunny :)
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an image with the words why should women get to use their periodos as an excuse to get out of stuff?
Oh, how I weep for the people who don't know the joys of having a bleeding crotch, who don't worry about soaking through their pants and bed sheets, and who don't have to deal with pain, and sometimes nausea. Sorry if my having a very valid reason to not do shit makes YOU bitter.
some people just need a high - five in the face with a chair quote on it
36 Great Funny Quotes
36 Great Funny Quotes
I'm About To Be Sketchy Funny Quotes Hilarious, Quotes Hilarious, That Way
I'm About To Be Sketchy
Don't be fooled Quotes Sarcastic Funny, Quotes Sarcastic, Trendy Quotes
Don't be fooled
a dog sitting in front of an open refrigerator with its door open and the caption when you go to a friend's house for the first time
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I have one nerve left and you're dry-humping it. Belly Laughs, It Goes On, Ecards Funny, Someecards, Look At You, I Smile
I have one nerve left and you're dry-humping it. Go away.
I have one nerve left and you're dry-humping it.