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12 Layout Ideas You'll Want to Steal for Your Bullet Journal

successaesthetics: “ Pretty happy with how my first habit tracker came out! And v proud of myself for making it a daily habit to exercise Feeling so much better and more confident in my skin!

The bullet journal could be your magical ticket to meal planning success. Use one of these meal plan bullet journal layouts to eliminate dinnertime chaos!

Great ideas for lovely bujo layouts. This one looks smoothly, magically calm. Like Martha Stewart had a baby with Chriss-Never mind. Lets just say it looks preternaturally calming.

Sleep Tracker for your Bullet Journal (BuJo).

Sleep Tracker for your Bullet Journal (BuJo). I had to ajust the chart mainly because I was getting confused when filling it out as to what day/times I was sleeping.

List the things that make me happy, can add pictures and embellishments

I keep a "Game Journal" as my daughter calls it where I write down notes about my games but also keeps all sorts of lists, lines of poetry, what went well today, and stuff like "Things That Make Me Happy.