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Time and silence

Time & Silence Are The Most Luxurious Things Today - Tom Ford Quote

The perfect cozy reading spot

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Eiffel Tower

Breathtaking picture of the Eiffel Tower. This was the color of lights the night we had dinner in the Eiffel Tower.

Press for Champagne.

Over outside doorbell. Instead of champagne, use 'press bell or alternatively, yell 'ding dong' really loud'. Use spray painted cheap frame & laminated backing for words - wooden accents around button -p

Radiant Orchid Revealed as Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year!

Color de l'any - Radiant Orchid Revealed as Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year!

** incredible!

How can human bodies do that? Here are some pictures of people bending themselves in ways you didn't think physically . View Pictures of Creepily Flexible People" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

The luxury Swedish boat design and manufacturing company J-Craft Boats, will officially launch the Torpedo in the UAE at the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show.