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So ziehst du Menschen, die dich glücklich machen, in dein Leben - Honigperlen
Sackgasse! Du willst etwas verändern, aber schaffst es nicht - Honigperlen

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Dieses Buch mit verschiedenen Remindern von mir solltest du im Bezug auf Selbstfürsorge, Mut und Liebe gelesen haben : ,,Da ist Licht in mir“ 📚 Ebenfalls solltest du diese WORKBOOKS UNBEDINGT auf deinem Schreibtisch liegen haben, wenn du DIR SELBST dabei helfen möchtest glücklicher und dankbarer durch den Alltag zu gehen : ,,In 28 Tagen GLÜCKLICHER“ ,,In 28 Tagen DANKBARER“ Du brauchst keinen Lifecoach an deiner Seite, nur dich selbst und einen Stift ✏️ um etwas zu verändern… Aktuell IM ANGE...

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Klicke auf den Pin und höre dir die neueste Podcastfolge „111 Affirmationen für deine Manifestationspower" an 🎧💕 happy, holy and confident I Laura Seiler, Laura Malina Seiler, happy holy confident, Wünsche, Manifestieren, Meditation, Manifestieren im Schlaf, Affirmationen, Erfolg, Manifestieren, Positive Affirmationen zum Einschlafen, Meditation positive Affirmationen https://lauraseiler.com/affirmationen-manifestieren


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Mindful Monday - Impress yourself! Work hard, do more, be more, but do it all for you. #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #selfcompassion #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #mindfulness #mentalhealthmatters #business #life #strength #inspirationalquotes #mindset #positivethoughts #inspiration #quote #mindfulmonday

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Be kind to yourself, your feelings are valid & important :) Write down your daily affirmations in a journal with prompts, with space for affirmations, manifestations, gratitude and self-reflection these journals are available via link in bio and perfect to add to your morning routine! Become That Girl! Follow for more :)--- positive affirmations, positive thinking, self-care, daily journal, journal ideas


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It‘s okay, You are enough…

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What is draining you? What's recharging you?


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These are fantastic ideas for good morning habits that I can start to add to my daily routine. I'm sure they'll help me because I'm trying to adopt more healthy habits - like all those successful people are always saying is key. I particularly like number 3 - and I think it may change your life too when you get into adding them to every day life. There's a free printable of all the habits to try out - so I can add it to my planner and try adding a new one in every week or so. Grab your copy ...

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What is draining you? What's recharging you? Energy Drainers, Energy Drain, Cue Cards, Child Therapy, Dear Self, Setting Boundaries, Hobbies And Interests, Love Rainbow, Practice Gratitude
Your Self-Care Battery
What is draining you? What's recharging you?
a person sitting at a desk with a laptop on it and the text 8 - 8 - 8 rules to make a good balance sheet of your life