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The Best Outfits to Wear on a Date — Tried and Tested

Just wondering what you doing now? Just woke up. So watching the kid and man play. Think I have flu or something. How did you sleep?

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"Well, what are you waiting for? We're going to dance." His smile was so genuine and young, shining at me through the dark from the driver's side of his car. He turned up the John Mayer cover of To.

This is a great idea for couples who consider themselves gamers who enjoy playing X-Box, PlayStation or Wii together. Pick a new game that you both have never played before and enjoy it in all of your naked splendor. Make sure that you have snacks and drinks that can last for hours. Have Fun!

Aug 14 5 Naked Date Ideas

cute picture of boyfriend and girlfriend playing playstation videogames together - ha that's like me an my puddin but with xbox controllers :)

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First of all, I love the girls outfit. Second, this couple is the definition of a classy, rich romance marriage ~Ollie