Easy DIY Gift Wrap | Quick and easy holiday gift wrapping using gift bags, glitter and washi-tape! Create your own templates and create simple fun designs! See a full tutorial on TodaysCreativeLife.com

Easy DIY Gift Wrap

Easy DIY Gift Wrap with a few craft supplies. Create custom made gift bags that take little time! Who knew glitter and washi tape could look so good!

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Bon appetit

DIY Fruit of Cardboards ~Cardboard fruit ornaments with rope~twine~ribbon

Pop stick angels

DIY Popsicle stick angel ornaments for a tree or to hang off a present. Label them with a name so that a simple gift tag becomes a keepsake ornament.

Master Class: Papel de la Navidad estrellas.  Suspensiones para árboles de Navidad.

Поделки своими руками

On the third day of Christmas the Pazzles Elves gave to me…    This gift bag topper turns a plain kraft bag into a wow gift in just a few easy steps. As an added bonus, the top can be glued on to prevent pre-Christmas peeking. The topper is made to fit a standard 8″ x 10¼″ kraft bag which you can find at most craft stores.

Gift bags don't have to be the wrapping of last resort! Class your bagged presents up with this project from our 12 Gifts of Christmas series. Day Kraft Gift Bag Topper with Mittens