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a hand holding a tiny piece of fruit with the words if you have faith, the size of a mustardard seed nothing will be impossibleble for you
Ask For The Holy Spirit!
I only write what I feel the Father wants me to write! You can believe it or not! That does not concern me at all! You have questions then go to the Holy Spirit as Yahusha told us to do! We are messengers for God nothing more! We are not all-knowing nor do I feel any greater than anyone else! Stop listening to men! Go to the Holy Spirit if you have questions or doubts! Just like anyone else I make mistakes! I'm not perfect!
two men standing in front of a tunnel with the words live to please god not people one day you will stand before him and they won't be there
“My sheep hear my voice”
God gave all of us, individually a conscious to which he speaks to us. Be careful talking yourself or anyone else out of listening to it. You put yourself and them in a dangerous place. That guilt you feel could very well be the Holy Spirit speaking to you. The more we shut down his voice, the more we won't hear it. It is the very thing God uses to protect and guide us. As a mom, it has been the very thing that God has used to guide and protect my kids and myself, over the years. Don't shut it off, because someone tells you to. We do NOT follow man, but God.
a man sitting in a chair holding up a paper with writing on it that says abotron has never been about choice
Abortion has never been about choice…