The 30 Most Beautiful Nature Photography - organic adventure in the wild through a forest of evergreen trees in the fall autumn through fog like a hippie boho bohemian POV perspective photography looking up through the canopy

"What's on stake? Just the future of humanity." *silence* "You mean, OUR future?" "No, don't drag me in this mess, human.

The silhouette of a child holding a gun is so powerful and so unsettling, yet perfectly captures the reality that Invisible Children is trying to dismantle.

Mikey pulled in the driveway and I had a panic attack." I said, breathing heavily and feeling the worst pain in my life." He said, wrapping his arms around me as I choked on my own breath.

Look out your window at night, with the lights off. Stand perfectly still, and feel the eyes. A stranger is watching.

Footsteps on a stone path. A woman, alone and confused. For so long, her life and bweb carefully structured: "You rest then we keep testing. Just a burning feeling deep within. An urge to destroy.