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Vampire diaries

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Divergent Confessions omg yes I cried at Tobias reaction to when tris died.
I've read them all but am only half in the Divergent fandom and I'm not in Hunger Games


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You do not question the way of the brain
So true.

Book Fandoms - Book Humor

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Divergent insurgent allegiant pitch perfect funny memes
Simple math reallt

Book Fandoms

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Rory: "That's my room." Logan: "Okay, put my number."

Glimore Girls

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Three Broomsticks Coffee Mug!!! This is the best thing I have ever seen!!!
Whatever is going on with everyone suspended in the air: | 23 Images That Will Change The Way You Look At "Harry Potter"
The first and last thing Harry ever said about Snape. | 29 Times Tumblr Made "Harry Potter" Fans Cry All Over Again

Harry Potter Everything

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Johnsel awwwe ahaha that's adorable and strange and amazing yay

John Green

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Ky is REAL
Favorite poem of all time. "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night"-Dylan Thomas

Matched Trilogy

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Ben and Ann Perkins Parks and Rec
I'm Pretty Sure Chris Pratt Is My Spirit Celebrity - 30 Pics

Parks & Rec

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aaron warner anderson

Shatter Me

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Space Force

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Star Wars: Popcorn ~~~ Deep down, we've always suspected he used his lightsaber for things like this! (lol)
Hahaha ;)

Star Wars

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Stranger Things

Stranger Things

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Ansel Elgort- Fourth Grade I CANNOT EVEN. I HAVE COMPLETELY LOST THE ABILITY TO EVEN.<< Wow. That reaction tho
The fault in our lotions.
Cool fact all the way up to the end...There is a line and you crossed it


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The Herondales may be on to something #TMI<< My thoughts exactly
MARRY HIM. MARRY HIM NOW.<<Like seriously!! I mean unless you can find a Jace. Then marry Jace!!<< I want a Simon.


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Yep. Thats our bread boy.
"Taste the rainbow, Peeta." I think Katniss still has some tracker jacker venom in her system, don't you think?
That is now my alarm

The Hunger Games Trilogy

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The Office

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☂️☂️Umbrella Academy ☂☂️ - Diego

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☂️☂️Umbrella Academy ☂☂️ - Ben

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Five Hargreeves imagine | Tumblr
Keep giving him weapons

☂️☂️Umbrella Academy ☂☂️ - Five

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when Klaus makes the most sense, you know you're really messing up.

☂️☂️Umbrella Academy ☂☂️ - Klaus

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The Umbrella Academy

☂️☂️Umbrella Academy ☂☂️ - Memes

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