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a man and woman sitting next to each other in front of a desk with papers on it
Eddie Redmayne and Emma Watson in 'My Week With Marilyn'
a man in a suit and tie standing next to a woman wearing a blue dress
Eddie Redmayne Italian Blog.
Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe in Wimbledon today!!
a man standing in front of a brick building with his arms crossed and looking at the camera
いいね!6,970件、コメント27件 ― Eddie Redmayneさん(@eddiejohnredmayne)のInstagramアカウント: 「❤️❤️ #EddieRedmayne #fantasticbeasts #fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem #newtscamander…」
a black and white photo of a man with freckles on his face
Freckles fascination
Eddie Redmayne and his lovely freckles
black and white photograph of a young man
Eddie Redmayne - Wikipedia
Edward John David "Eddie" Redmayne (born 6 January 1982) is an English actor, singer and model.
a man in a blue shirt is looking at the camera
a collection of well-behaved beards
model-status. (...not singer-status...??)
a young man in a blue shirt and tie
Eddie Redmayne, you are just simply hot. no other word could describe you.
a man in a coat holding a camera and smiling at the camera while standing on a sidewalk
Five Reasons Why It's A Great Time To Be An Eddie Redmayne Fan (AKA Redmayniac)
Feb. 24, 2016 - BuzzFeed.com - Five reasons why it's a great time to be an Eddie Redmayne fan
a man with freckles on his face and blue eyes looking at the camera
eddie redmayne. I saw him in one movie, that I only watched once...and then recognized him from this photo. Stunning eyes.