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Kutsua Kutsua
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Balkan Harbi'nin ardından evine dönen bir Osmanlı askeri.. İstanbul, 1913

A Turkish soldier returning to his home from the Balkan front 1912

Ara Güler, Üsküdar'da Sokak Yoğurtçusu. İstanbul. 1955.

- Inner courtyard of old wood houses in the Tophane district of Istanbul.

Arnavutköy'de çilek pazarı 1900 başları

Turkey is a country rich with history and a magical tapestry of cultural, architectural, and culinary elements.


Boat, Nostalgia, Istanbul, Dinghy, Boats

Cafe, Interior, Depiction of, Man, Ottoman dynasty (ca.1280-1924), Photograph, Turkey, Topography, Turks, People

An circa by Abdullah Freres. The custom of drinking coffee, like opium, first spread among the sufis and Ottoman literary classes in the century