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Action-packed #fantasy #penandink #drawing from @tomtomtatts of a lighthouse shining in the darkness despite its own impending doom at the many hands of a massive kraken. I like how the shading and texture of the octopus' skin transitions from inky black with a few light spots into light with a few stippling dark spots and how the stippling technique also can be used to apply age and texture to the lighthouse's facade... not that the lighthouse is long for this world... The smashing…

Epic black/dotwork tattoo inside a diamond shape. Depicts a light house being eaten by a giant squid or octopus, maybe even the homie Cthulhu himself. Screw this one lighthouse in particular. Very detailed and epic.

chic driftwood lamp

Luxurious and very unusual wooden lamp made of hawthorn wood. Why is it Halloween lamp? It is because no other lamp can have better reputation than the lamp whose wood is used to kill vampires.There was a belief in ancient times, and this belief it