kurosawa akira

kurosawa akira

kurosawa akira
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He's either going somewhere, returning from somewhere, sitting, standing, kissing and dancing.

2010 - now. ♦ Context : Harry Potter. x. Complete name : Evan Nathaniel Abercrombie. x. Age : 23 years old. x. Face : Garrett Hedlund x. Country of Origin : British mother, Australian Father. x. House : Gryffindor. x. Blood : Half-Blood wizard. x. Organisation : Order of the Phoenix, in the Iron Guard. x. Job : Unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries, Ministry of Magic. - Spy for the Order. x. Character : Proud - Entertaining - Determined - Brave - Loyal - Friendly - Stubborn - Reckless -

Jensen James Irwin, 44 years old "come on boys, don't fight"

Garrett Hedlund

Diana had come down the stairs only to find Brett having breakfast with her dad, step kom, and little sister. "It's a nightmare come true," Diana whispered to herself.