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a person standing next to a tree in the dark with a frisbee on it
fujifilm x-t100
i haven't been myself for a while
i haven't been myself for a while
a creepy scene with the words what happens after death? in front of a fence
what happens after death?
an open gate with the words, hey are you still there?
hey...are you still there?
a man standing next to a woman on the floor with a sign that says i just wanted to feel loved by my dad
an empty hallway with the words i haven't been alive in years what is it like to live?
an empty hallway with the words a bad person on it
an empty hallway with stairs leading up to the door and text that reads, i'm sorry mental health made me a bad friend
a street light with the words i thought i could help
i tried.
an empty street at night with the words you can easily return to the past but no one is there anymore
Feel Like
someone is holding a cup of tea with the words i'll love you on your good days
a black and white photo with the words, the thing they don't tell you about being skeptical is the fear
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