Dětská lupa pro pořádné průzkumníky ;-)

Dětská lupa pro pořádné průzkumníky ;-)

Kuličková dráha - zpívající pagoda

You won't be able to walk past the Pagoda Marble Game without giving it a go! Place one of the three marbles into the yellow ball at the top and be delighted by the tinkling sound as it rolls down each wooden level to the base.

Magnetická tabule - lidské tělo

Janod Body Magnet - Educational Game in Toys & Games, Educational Toys, Other Educational Toys

Snowflakes, Snow Flakes

Senzorycké kostky Jarý

Sensory Glitter Blocks - 16 blocks with different contents in 4 different shapes for use with children of all ages.

Pro Pepíčka

Grimm's Wooden Fraction Circles: Ready for an early introduction to fractions? Fractions math toy provides a playful introduction into the world of fractions kids

Pepí, 4 narozeniny

RC robot na dálkové ovládání

Jary, 2 narozeniny

Jary, 2 narozeniny

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Owl Family // can't handle the cuteness // great gifts to have on hand // Janod