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An original elephant intarsia fine woodworking project that you can easily make with your scroll saw. This wood pattern comes with comprehensive instructions.

MLCS Router Raizer

The Router Raizer adjusts the height of your router bits from the top of the table

Home Made Scroll Saw:

Home Made Scroll Saw: This project was designed to make use of an old jigsaw which had a broken blade holder and trigger switch, and old coffee table leg and other repurposed scraps.

Shop Made 25" Scroll Saw - by William @ ~ woodworking community

I have wanted to build a shop made scroll saw for a long time. I haven't done so because with health problems, I didn't know if I could handle the type that you pedal or work a treadle. Then I ran across this design in an August 1986 copy of WOOD .

Lighthouse Intarsia                                                                                                                                                     More

Teds Woodworking Plans is a detailed guide by Ted McGrath which will help you earn lots of praises and money.