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an outdoor area with plants and trees in front of a modern house on the street
Landscape Design Leichhardt — Adam Robinson Design
an empty swimming pool in front of a modern house
the grass is growing on the side of the concrete wall and around the fire hydrant
Landscaping Idea - An Overhanging Concrete Patio Allows For Hidden LED Lighting
the walkway is lined with plants and rocks, leading up to an outdoor area that's lit up at night
Pool house
a large white house with a pool in the middle of it and lots of grass
Luxe overloopzwembad, bekleed met mozaïek, beschikt over een trap over de ganse breedte van het zwembad. - De Mooiste Zwembaden
an empty room with some lights on the wall and a large mirror in the corner
an empty swimming pool is shown with the water flowing in to it's sides
Cabrils Hillside Home, Spain - Norm