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Kristýna Sailerová

Kristýna Sailerová
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1874 bridge to be moved to Beaverfork Lake

Not me, I said, you can't love me For I am dust and dirt and nothing more To which I replied, The earth is dust and dirt and nothing more and so you are my world( Adam x Ronan)

Photos from an abandoned car graveyard in Belgium. Urban legends say that the cars were left behind by U.S. soldiers following WWII who never returned to claim them.

Left in the woods of Belgium at the end of WWII -- chatillon car graveyard abandoned cars cemetery belgium 4 Photos of a traffic jam stuck in the woods for 70 years

Reappropriating and inhabiting  Piranesi's Carceri | by Jonathan Gales

Megalomania by Jonathan Gales this movie by Jonathan Gales of architectural animation studio Factory Fifteen imagines the whole of London as a construction site, caught in a state of change that could mean dramatic decay or intensive development.

They should be unified in style and positioning

Is there any way to do the logo in a way that according to the theme- (party,jewelry,food,spa,) only an icon on the bottom changes?