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Splash into creativity with this adorable Ocean Craft activity from @diylog6666! Grab your colorful paper, scissors, glue, markers, and get ready for a whale of a time creating undersea wonders like fish, starfish, and more! Dive into pretend play by setting up an ocean scene with your crafts, imagining epic adventures with friendly sea creatures. Let your imagination swim wild! And don't forget to check out our ocean animals flashcards at www.etsy.com/TotsyTales for more aquatic fun! 🐳...
paper cut out of sea turtles and palm trees on a wooden table next to scissors
Tortue en papier pour enfant, vive la plage! - Kreakids
Réalisez un petit bout de plage à la maison avec des copines tortues. Facile à fabriquer avec son gabarit gratuit à imprimer.