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nut free vegan cream cheese.  4 cups soy milk (Unsweetened) 946ml/32 oz 2 tbsp lemon juice 1½ tsp sea salt ¼ tsp black pepper ½ tsp garlic powder 1 tsp dried dill ¾ tbsp apple cider vinegar 1 - 2 tbsp nutritional yeast

Nut Free Vegan Cream Cheese - A mild, soft + creamy vegan cheese with the perfect texture! Made with only a handful of simple ingredients + super easy to make!

Epická Noc vědců 2016+na co se těšit

Epická Noc vědců co se těšit

vegan black bean brownies 7

They don't give a carb indicator on this recipe but since it is made with black beans which have fiber and protein the GI is lower

I love these baked veggie won tons and sweet n' sour dipping sauce! Better than anything ever. #treatyoself #vegan #veganfoodporn #vegansofinstagram #veganfood #meatlessmonday #meatfree #veggielover #foodgasm #foodporn #forkyeah #instalove #instanom #instayum #buzzfeedfood #wontons #chinesefood #dinnertime #dinner #delicious #foodphotography #foodphoto

Crisp-baked wontons stuffed with sumptuous ginger-garlic veggie filling and a generous side of old-school sweet and sour sauce.

How to Make Soy-free Vegan + Paleo Cream Cheese #paleo #dairyfree #vegan

It looks slightly invilved, but for sugar free dairy free cream cheese, it might be worth it! How to Make Soy-free Vegan + Paleo Cream Cheese

Easy Vegan Oreos (gluten & oil free) - Feasting on Fruit

The easiest healthiest vegan Oreos! Three ingredient crunchy chocolate cookies and lots of healthy filling options. Gluten-free and oil-free.