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a person cutting something with a knife on top of a wooden board and metal frame
an outdoor stove with pots and pans on it in front of the ocean,
a grill sitting on top of a wooden table in front of a body of water
an ice chest sitting on top of a wooden table next to a tree and bushes
an orange handlebar attached to the side of a black and gray vehicle with mountains in the background
Road Shower : Outdoor Enthusiasts Can Enjoy Hot Shower Wherever They Go - Tuvie Design
a machine that is sitting on top of a wooden table
DIY Camp Shower For Your Car or Van - REI Co-op Journal
an open car door with a box in the back
Adding a Toilet to a Subaru Forester for SUV Camping
an outdoor bbq is set up in the grass
Camper-van Ideas - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums
a stove top oven sitting inside of a wooden cabinet
Citroen Berlingo / Peugeot Partner BOOT CAMPER design & construction
the back end of a van with various items in it
Conversion Kit Rental - Vanpackers® Montreal & Quebec