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DIY Dry Plants Wreath (Check out the paper mache heart shapes, paint and hang)

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Adding your own embellishments to a plain rattan heart turns it into something extra special.

Новогоднее плетение из газет. ЗВЕЗДЫ из газетных трубочек.

из бумаги

Новогоднее плетение из газет. ЗВЕЗДЫ из газетных трубочек.

Straw Plaiting - Rustic Plait (Tyrolean Plait) -

Straw Plaiting is a method of manufacturing textiles by braiding straw. This technique is called Rustic Plait or Tyrolean Plait.

Welsh Border Fan Tutorial

Straw Weaving Welsh Border Fan, Litha witches wheel, and altar items for wiccan celebrations

Πλεκτός δίσκος φύλλο από χαρτί!

Oh, you’re a Smurfs fan? Add little touches of the Smurfs forest to your home! This DIY woven paper tray is shaped like a leaf and can hold fruit, candy, or even craft supplies.


Straw weaving is an old traditional craft. It& considered to be good luck to give away little favors made of straw. Tutorial how to make a straw heart.