Kristýna Domkářová

Kristýna Domkářová

Kristýna Domkářová
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The Maiden Voyage Titanic Costume... Coolest Halloween Costume Contest

Every year I wrack my brain, books, and the internet for unique costume ideas. I have two requirements: I should not be recognizable, and I can’t be someth

A number one mom needs her beauty sleep. Try out this Halloween makeup DIY to go with your Chris March Big Fun wig!

THIS IS SO WIERED. last month, my mom saw the hat thing at target, and thought that she would do this EXACT outfit when we have NEVER seen this pin! That's what she was for halloween!

modelos femininos de fantasia para o carnaval 2014 abacaxi

DIY Pineapple Costume dye up a yellow shirt or dress (maybe stamp some texture on their for extra fun) and make this cute ah hat (?) for the full effect! Definitely for the fuddy duddies that claim they won't dress up!