Kristýna Vaverková

Kristýna Vaverková

Kristýna Vaverková
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A stately custom seating area made of travertine to match the terrace. Above the bench, an Algerian Ivy (Hedera canariensis) provides a lush border. An existing mature Silver birch (Betula pendula) bends gracefully, complementing the straight lines of the bench and garden walll. Behind the tree, a slatted fence was built to provide privacy without blocking natural light.

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Clothes the way sheets feel and the fresh smell when dried on the…

clothesline ~ basket for pins Oh, how I wish I lived in the country so I could hang my clothes out to dry and they would smell fresh and clean and not stink of chemicals poisons. A memory of Aunt Jessies clothes line in her back yard from many years ago.


Note to self, don’t tie the dog to one of the clothesline poles. He doesn’t like it and will dig out the post then drag it around the yard. So today it was out with the old clothesline …