Kristína Struková

Kristína Struková

Kristína Struková
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nice Fashion illustration on ArtLux Designs.

Iɭɭųʂʈɽaʈ¡oŋ by Oxana Polk

Iɭɭųʂʈɽaʈ¡oŋ by Oxana Polk illustration

Beautiful gift boxes + templates.

Beautiful gift boxes - Paper box structure templates (die-lines)


How to make your very unique bracelet step by step DIY instructions strand braid )

Hey guys!!! I just finished an anime and I am looking for a new one. Any suggestions???

ADOPTED This is Tess. She can control water, and she lives in tropical areas. Age: 16 I CAN CONTROL WATER YES!

Dark nature, eye drawing using colored pencils

Watercolor drawing mixed with pencil art = Amazing

Peacock Girl

Peacock Girl watercolor painting print x Forest green, Fuchsia pink, Fluorescent yellow, Fashion Illustration:

WOW!! Artist used lines simple black and white but a clear emotion in the eyes

Black And White Drawing Ideas - Girl Sketch Pencil Drawing

Parchment & Pixel illustration of Anna Campbell's 'Eloise' gown

Parchment & Pixel illustration of Anna Campbell's 'Eloise' gown.that would take a long time to draw!