Tuna (Phteven) Is The Funniest Dog On The Internet – 20 Pics

Tuna (Phteven) Is The Funniest Dog Make sure you look at all of them, crack up. Yes, this is Phteven

Phteven's my favorite!!!

I love Tuna "Phteven" - the chi-doxie! I tell people all the time, "It's Steven with a 'v'" to spell my husband's name, so these "Phteven" memes are double hilarious to me!

Hahahahhahaha ok sorry this is the last one today!! @Karisa Zaroba Adams Zaroba Adams Murtha @Sam McHardy Taylor Elzenga

Phteven toaphter phtrudel I'm not sure why I giggle every time I see this dog.

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Tuna (Phteven) Is The Funniest Dog On The Internet – 20 Pics

Okay, this dogs real name is Tuna. He was a rescue that has a funny face. His name is NOT phteven!

Phteven the Dog’s Favorite Toy

Phteven Dog’s Favorite Toy

Funny pictures about Phteven's Favorite Toy. Oh, and cool pics about Phteven's Favorite Toy. Also, Phteven's Favorite Toy photos.

Tuna the dog @Kassidy Urling @Alea Shaner

Meet Tuna the Chiweenie, Instagram's Cutest Dog With an Overbite

@Wendy Felts Felts Felts Felts Bodwell @Hollie Baker A L E Y | V A N | L I E W Park ---It's Phteven Deluxe!!!!!!!! <3

Tuna, the internet sensation<<<< you effing me? The dogs name is tuna! That's like giving pudge the fish tuna instead of peanut butter!