The best Halloween costume

Baby Clowns are damn scary.actually i have always thought ANY clown was scary, now, especially, a BABY CLOWN

Luke's little face awwe

im laughing so hard rn you can actually see the hurt in luke's face and calum has no idea<<Oh my gosh poor Luke but it is funny

CAN SOMEONE PLSE TALK ABOUT THHEse pictures with me!!!!>>> Michael looks like a male stripper!!!<<<< oh my gosh. LOL!!!<<<my lukey is so funny <3>>>so much fetus!!!<<omh XD

CAN SOMEONE PLSE TALK ABOUT THHEse pictures with me!>>> Michael looks like a male stripper!<<<< oh my gosh.<<<<<<<oh yes he does look like a male stripper. i really like that picture of him


Liam Payne and Niall Horan««« their smiles are bigger and brighter now :,)


5 Seconds Of Summer on

Luke what are you doing?<<<And here we see a wild Luke trying to escape from it's cage

fangirl down

Has anybody noticed that Luke's armpits are completely hairless? The boy man-scapes

True that!

according to Angelo I being mean to him but asking if frank is his only friend on sc

These are my loves :)

Just a normal One Direction group picture. Oh wait never mind Louis is being Louis.


Is he dressed as candy corn<<no like tweedle dee and tweedle dum you ignorant swine<<that comment though!

This fucking day man...

This fucking day man.>>>>get your act together Zayn before I shove my foot up your ass!>>>such a shitty day>>> There once was a day when I respected Zayn. Today is most certainly not that day.


ZAYN definitely deserves more than losing that! LOUIS you are now my hero

Louis's sister is literally life! xD

Louis' sister is literally life! xD im dying im laughing so hard right now


I don't want greasy taco in my room 😂😂 unless he brings zayn

He has his location on...lets go get him!!!!!

Omg I wonder if any people went and mobbed him. Well I hope that his mum was there. I mean he has to have some support at least. If everyone mobbed him he'd think he was a big star but he's quite the opposite. Well, apart from the "big" part.