Johnny Cash is holding a kitten.

Johnny Cash with a kitten

The Man in Black Johnny Cash Holding Kitten with Big Smile 8 x 10 Photo

Frida Kahlo

thatlldos: “ Florence Arquin, Frida Kahlo with Fulang Chang, ca. Courtesy the Frida Kahlo Museum and Artisphere. Fascinating Photos From Frida Kahlo’s Personal Collection ”

Dead Ed Sheeran, eternal love and thanks for always being the face and sound of instant joy. <<< I assume you meant to type 'DEAR Ed Sheeran' 😂

even james dean liked cats

James Dean and his cat, 'Marcus' in his apartment. 1955 Photographed by Sanford Roth

Diane Keaton and cat

Diane Keaton, actress, muse of Woody Allen and cat lover.

swoon.... Cant stand John Stewart but since he is with a feline he gets a couple of brownie points.  Kitty Kat name is Professor Butterscotch.

Professor Butterscotch liked to argue politics with Jon Stewart, who proved to be a worthy adversary except on those occasions when he drank absinthe. Absinthe turned Jon into an idiot.