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(47) Одноклассники

(47) Одноклассники

motif aile d'insecte HUGO - show your art

Cicadas always bring me back to my childhood in southeast Texas. A sure sign of the arrival of summer. haufsbeautifulcreatures: love cicadas: Pattern, Insects And Bugs, Cicada, Bugs Insects, Animal

Chiasognathus grantii is a species of stag beetle found in Argentina and Chile.  It is known as Darwin's beetle, Grant's stag beetle, or the Chilean stag beetle.

During the breeding season, the male stag beetles use their magnificent mandibles as a warning signal to other males, raising them in a defensive and aggressive posture to ward off a contender.

Ailocaria hexaspilota     hip hop instrumentals updated daily =>…                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Types of Bugs – While there have to do with 500 various species of bugs or insects, only three are in fact understood to feed on human beings. While crawlers, ants, and also flies are considered “residence bugs,” most home .

bramboráky na cesty 100g slaniny na kostičky 550g brambor 225g hladké mouky 3 lžičky kypřícího prášku 120g tvrdého sýra + trochu na posypání 2 vejce 80ml oliv oleje 100ml mléka 2 stroužky česneku sůl, pepř zelené bylinky –  nasekané Postup: Opekla jsem slaninu. Nahrubo nastrouhala brambory. Mouku smíchala s kypřícím práškem a přidala zchládlou slaninu, sýr, brambory, česnek a bylinky. Vyšlehala vejce s olejem a mlékem a nalila k směsi, osolila, opepřila a promíchala, péct 40 min na 180ºC

bramboráky na cesty slaniny na kostičky brambor hladké mouky