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Introduction to Modifiers in 3ds max part 1 - YouTube

Explore "digital design strategies" and "media architecture" with Prof. Klaus Teltenkoetter, School of Design Mainz, Germany.

Making of War MachineComputer Graphics & Digital Art Community for Artist: Job, Tutorial, Art, Concept Art, Portfolio

Making of War Machine - ZBrush TutorialWatch Process and workflow by Joe Grundfast the development of my War Machine project, from rigging to Zsculpt to render. ZBrush and Modeling, Lighting,

ZBrush ultimate guide - ZBrush Guides

A comprehensive, interactive and hands on guide to ZBrush. Introducing the key concepts to one of the most powerful tools that any artist could have!

Easy Realistic Terrain (Part 2 - Desert Mountain) - YouTube

Easy Realistic Terrain (Part 2 - Desert Mountain)


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