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an image of paper airplanes that are in different positions and sizes, with instructions to make them
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Origami unicorn tutorial
an image of some type of artwork that looks like it has been made out of glass
DIY Sock Bear DIY Sock Bear
DIY Sock Bear
the instructions for how to make stuffed animals out of felt and paper machs are shown
ad some cat nip or a bell inside and it'd be great fun for your cat
multiple images of different shapes and sizes of surfboards
How to make Sew Sock Bunny step by step DIY tutorial instructions 400×4022 How to make Sew Sock Bunny step by step DIY tutorial instructions… @ joycotton
the process of making an origami sculpture with orange paper and scissors, is shown here
16 Inusuales maneras de usar los rollos de papel vaciós
marionnette recup
the flowers are arranged in rows on the tablecloths and ready to be cut
DIY Satin Ribbon Bow with a Fork
DIY Satin Ribbon Bow with a Fork
several pictures of plants growing in vases on a table with plates and spoons
20 Crafts To Make You Fall In Love With DIYing - Amazing DIY, Interior & Home Design
*****For this adorable Chia Pet activity, I could have my students bring in an empty two-liter bottle and make their own version of the chia pet shown above. This is a great way to incorporate art into a science lesson. My students can then display their creations around the room until our science lesson about plants is over. A couple great plant books to share with the students would be "A Tree Is a Plant" by Clyde Robert Bulla and "Oh Say Can You Seed?" by Bonnie Worth.
the collage has many different pictures and words on it, including an eyeball
Great Idea for Stone Art
Great Idea for Stone Art
the process of making a cactus plant out of paper plates and rocks is shown here
Stone cactus
several pictures of different colored rocks with designs on them and one has a hand painted rock in the middle
Great Idea for Stone Art
Great Idea for Stone Art
an assortment of different types of pens and pencils are shown in this graphic style
Artist creates little matchbox greeting cards with hidden messages inside (part I)
many different images of decorative objects in various colors and sizes, including an oval shaped object with
Great Idea for Stone Art
Piedras mandalescas
the instructions for how to make an origami boat out of plastic bottle caps
DIY Doll PET Bottle Stroller
DIY Doll Carry Cot. Gloucestershire Resource Centre
how to make an adorable pink bunny out of fabric
Sock Bunny Stuffed Animal - Free Sewing Pattern • Craft Passion
Sock Bunny Craft Tutorial. Adorable idea for mismatched or too small/too big socks.
three different stuffed animals with glasses on them