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Kovaříček Josef

Kovaříček Josef
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Turquoise Nelson, New Zealand

Abel Tasman National Park, Nelson, New Zealand - Beautiful! Some of the most pristine beaches you'll ever visit. Definitely put N. on your bucket list if you love travel and the great outdoors.

Merlin’s Well near Tintagel on the North Cornwall coast. Historians believe King Arthur may have been born in Tintagel which adds to its mystique. Some believe the Well to be a sacred place and it has become somewhat customary to leave behind a small stack of flat stones collected from the river for the fairies.

Metlako Falls, Eagle Creek, The Columbia River Gorge east of Portland, Oregon by Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim

Iguazu Falls, Argentina -- by Tomeu Ozonas

Location: Iguazu Falls - Brazil Formed: Waterfalls form when a river erodes soft rock more quickly than hard rock and this may lead to the creation of a waterfall. The soft rock erodes more quickly, undercutting the hard rock.