Beautifully lined and sewn, with great detail and lovely fabric…

Colorful fall outfit with scarf, cardigan, jeans and sweater.have the scarf, shoes and jeans. need the cardigan and red sweater.ditch the cheap jewelry!

Fall 2014

Dear Stitch Fix Stylist: I love the look of this outfit. I'd change the jeans to a dark wash with no holes. I like the cut of the sweater to give me a little room in the waist. I also love the boot cut of the jeans

Hugh Dancy - brought back to my attention through the amazing series 'Hannibal'

11 Reasons To Watch NBC's Hannibal

Hugh Dancy ((I apologize for the Hannibal spam, people. I just really fucking like this show and it& perfect people.

iknowiwant:  PATRIZIO DI RENZO - Mads Mikkelsen

hatsnboots: “ thwagun-fwoo: “ Mads Mikkelsen, by Patrizio di Renzo for TUSH Magazine, 2010 ” yeah I know this has been around the block more times than I can count but cmon ”

Session 215 - 008 - Mads Mikkelsen Source

Alexa Magazine/New York Post Cover Story Photographed by Henrik Bülow (Relationship Hot)

Session 215 - 009 - Mads Mikkelsen Source

Mads Mikkelsen, photographed by Henrik Bulow for The New York Post, December

Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen, most recently Hannibal, marvelous actor , I've tried seeing everything he's done. Smoldering and intense, big talent .