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a sculpture is shown in the shape of a woman's body and hands on top of a circular object
Gravedad Lorenzo Quinn bronce 67 cm deze is me al zolang bij gebleven prachtig vind ik deze
a sculpture of a man sitting on top of a circle with birds flying around it
annajungdesign: Berit Hildre Sculpture Sculpture Head, 얼굴 드로잉, Pottery Sculpture, Portrait Sculpture, Wassily Kandinsky
annajungdesign: Berit Hildre Sculpture
a sculpture of a woman holding a man in her arms
Bob Dylan: Love Minus Zero/No Limit
Ecco Vediamo: Bob Dylan: Love Minus Zero/No Limit
a sculpture of a person sitting on the ground with flowers in their head and legs
Valérie Hadida - Galry
Valérie Hadida est une artiste sculpteur et peintre. Les "petites bonnes femmes" de Valérie Hadida , comme elle se plaît à les qualifier, sont une
No name Drywall Art, Ceramic Sculpture Figurative, Stippling Art, Contemporary Sculpture
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