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a hand holding a carved wooden object in the shape of a flower on top of a table
JEWELEECHES Vivian Hebing: I had a leathercraft student and he told me about his other hobby: chipcarving! I was really curious and he showed me his carvings and I was stunned!!!!!!!!! Years later I remembered this moment and I decided I had to buy some chip carving knives, bass wood and a good book about it and try it myself too! And this is the result! #chipcarving #basswood #houtbewerken #houtsnijkunst #houtsnijden
three sanding wheels and one penny on a white background
King Arthur's Guinevere Inflatable Drum Sander, 3/4" x 3/4" W/Sleeves
an object is being worked on by a machine in a factory or workshop with green paint and wood shavings
Для мастеров ложкорезов | [Клуб любителей Волшебных ложек]
Work smarter, not harder - Woodworking Projects
a person using a small piece of wood to make a heart shaped keychain
Using Kumiko Jigs - Tips for cutting kumiko and problems to look out for
several pieces of wood that have been carved into the shape of snowflakes
Sashikan Tategu Kogei
Sashikan Tategu Kogei-Traditional Japanese Muntin Joiner-
some wood pieces are arranged on top of each other
Des KingさんはInstagramを利用しています:「Masu-tsunagi pattern The masu-tsunagi is a simple pattern that looks very effective as a band extending across a door. Masu refers to a…」
two wooden boxes with cut out designs on them
Kumiko Box - Geremy Coy
Kumiko Box by Geremy Coy
wooden boxes with carved designs on them sitting on a table
Kimono� Kumiko Art Boxes by Inomata Art Fittings - Kumiko - Japanese lattice often used for shoji screens or transoms has developed its own unique forms and techniques since the 16th century along with Shoin-zukuri residential structure.