Richard Kordiovsky

Richard Kordiovsky

Rosice u Brna / Bonsai, Kung Fu and Tai Ji activities
Richard Kordiovsky
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Pinus mugo Flash

Pinus mugo Flash

Extreme deadwood work!!! "Jin"

The Chines Juniper is a very loved and popular tree among bonsai professionals and amateurs alike. Due to the woods malleability, it can be stylised into beautiful and interesting shapes. Like this one belonging to Enrico Savini from Italy

gorgeous wind swept tree penjing rock planting. A scene is created.

"Penjing” is the Chinese version of bonsai art means “landscape in a pot’. The chinese art focuses more on creating a convincing land- scape than shaping the perfect miniature tree as Japanese bonsai growers strive to do.

Ezo spruce from Mansei-en nursery, Japan

Saburo Katos Ezo Spruze creations that produces the image of the Russian coastline. Here late Saburo Kato collected the Ezo Spruze with is father in a young age, and decided to make this coastline to keep a happy memory of this father.

Delicate variegated river oats, Chasmanthium latifolium & Mist& in a Japanese garden setting at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, Nashville. Small Giulia planter by Campania. Photo by Louisa Jones. Featured in Garden Design.

moss in the garden

The soft, feathery quality of Mexican feather grass (Stipa tenuissima) is played up when the grass is backlit by the afternoon sun in Ted Hoppin’s garden on Bainbridge Island. The grass holds up over a long season and requires little care besides a yearly