djeco  Magnéticos - Letras

A collection of 38 large, brightly coloured, decorative magnetic letters. The letters would work well on a ' fridge door or a magnetic board.

Djeco Puzzle Baletnica

Djeco Silhouette Puzzle - Ballerina with Flower and over other quality toys at Fat Brain Toys. This 36 piece puzzle comes in a beautiful Ballerina-shaped box!

Djeco Domino

What better way for young children to learn to recognize farm animals than this 28 piece domino game.

Djeco Habitat Puzzle

Djeco Habitat Puzzle

Djeco kid's jigsaw

Djeco Puzzle, Mummy Rabbit and her Baby :: Bohemia

Djeco Glitter Boards Butterflies

The Djeco Glitter Butterfly Glitter Boards Kit brings images to sparkling life. Children will love making these pretty little creatures sparkle in their flowery fields with a magical sprinkling of glitter.

Djeco wooden cubes puzzle

Djeco wooden cubes puzzle

Djeco puzzle set, 3 brightly illustrated puzzles featuring bears, each a different difficulty level (4, 6, and 9 pieces) - $13.50

The Bears Primo Puzzle consists of three puzzles going from simple to more advanced. The first puzzle has four pieces, and is the easiest to put together.