Ella Konieczná

Ella Konieczná

Ella Konieczná
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Baby Stroller/ Jogger Safety Clip-on FanCan be use on strollers, cribs, in the car, etcFlexible neck blows in any direction and angleThe b

Cuddling Sloths…Almost bought one of these when our son was a baby. we'd go into the pet store and feed it banana's.

Mother sloth and baby. (KO) Mama sloth loves her baby. The baby is so sweet and clean! Mom obviously bathes the little guy and feeds him well. Mother love at work.

We all add emojis at the end of our texts in order to make them more lively and showing our facial expressions through messages. However, different emojis can add different emotions to your text and if you use them wrongly, the recipients might get the wrong message and lead you to a big trouble my friend.

I also enjoy texting friends and catching up with family by sending them a friendly text. << That's how ya talk to people ya like unless you're like "EY BITCH WHAS HAPPENING"