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before and after shot of a light fixture with piano keys on the bottom left side
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A lamp renovation for a #piano player's studio
the process of making driftwood is shown here
Handmade Pride
Click here for more handmade goodness.
hands holding an object in the shape of a question mark with different angles and sizes
LG Display flexible OLED Module 200x50mm 2700K and 4000K - find out more:
an abstract photo of many different objects floating in the air and on top of each other
Luminose Lamp | Zimmerer and Lente | Feel Desain... - a grouped images picture
Luminose Lamp | Zimmerer and Lente | Feel Desain - created via
two pictures of the outside of a building with yellow paint and plants in front of it
Somos Fos - a vibrant installation designed for a vegan restaurant in Madrid.
a bicycle mounted to the side of a brick wall in front of a neon sign
The most wonderful wall lamps for a unique lighting with different light…
a woman standing in front of a wall covered with lots of cubes and lights
Wohnschö - schöner Wohnen mit schöner Einrichtung
Eine interessante Beleuchtungsidee von der Milano Design Week 2016.
the shadow of a person standing in front of a wall with several lights on it
Nice idea. #ulkovalaistus #pihavalaistus #ulkovalot Tiedustelut toteutusmahdollisuuksista:
SPARKLING BOTTLE FOR A SPARKLING DRINK | Read Full Story at Yanko Design Bottle, Bottle Design, Sparkling Drinks, Old Bottles, Cool Gadgets
Sparkling bottle for a sparkling drink - Yanko Design
candles are hanging on the wall with black handles and white tiles in the back ground
101 ausgefallene Upcycling Ideen mit alten Küchenutensilien
Coole Bastelideen DIY bastelideen alte küchenkrams Schopfkele
an escalator in a building with neon lights on the side and stairs leading up to it
DOACASINO - Bandar Judi Bola | Casino | Rolet Online | Slot Online Terbaik 2023
So here we have a futuristic looking escalator. It has the neon lights and the glass, although the actual stair pieces look older because they're a bit dirty and have a rough texture.
a long hallway with a spiral light hanging from it's ceiling in black and white
an indoor basketball court is lit up with blue lights and white lines on the floor
Gymnasium Floor Changes For Each Sport With A Touchscreen
(animated gif) The ASB GlassFloor is the most advanced flooring system in the world. Its unique aluminium substructure and the custom made surface of the glass deliver a floor ideal for a sports floor but also for its use in any modern building. The properties of glass allow for more than just an optimised floor surface. LED marking lines can be switched on/off or changed on demand.
the steps to make a diy tennis racket out of plastic cups and other items
So Cool Wall Decoration | Best DIY Ideas
So Cool Wall Decoration | DIY & Crafts would be cool to create a custom designs with the cups