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My next tattoo! Perfect blend of Batman/Tim Burton who have always influenced my life. Thinking on my rib cage.

Pale green walls are a classic choice for a cottage room. They can be nostalgic, edgy or everything in between. Paired with white, as in this airy room

stock-vector-isolated-spooky-spider-web-in-a-fun-way-209490652.jpg (1500×1600)

stock-vector-isolated-spooky-spider-web-in-a-fun-way-209490652.jpg (1500×1600)

Tim Burton voodoo girl heart tattoo

Tim Burton voodoo girl heart tattoo Done by the wonderful Gary at Bodyline in Glasgow :) It's my tattoo, and the start of my Tim Burton tattoo spree :) I love Tim Burton, and I really really love

40 Quirky Harley Quinn Tattoo Ideas - Bring Out Your Inner Harlequin

Harley Quinn tattoo is popular right now because of the success of the movie but if you are fan and you want to identify with the character, then go for it.

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