Petra Kolocová

Petra Kolocová

Petra Kolocová
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Not done by me but i love this!

Summer style!! Wonderful wood garden door with gorgeous ironwork decoration! LOTR style!! A Secret Garden door!

A secret garden door? Idk how to do iron work but maybe do the tree branches out of epoxy and use matte silver paint? have to paint tolkeins speak friend quote in elvish over it!

The color is wooow

Blue eyes always look so stunning for girls. And it will be more alluring if blended with some gold dust over your eyelids. The blue and gold eye makeup looks are the perfect choice for parties and events.

Hmm…Gate to the Shadow-Realm. Ko asks how Mika can travel to the Shadow-Realm and she tells him of the Gate that follows every Shadow-Faerie around.

This reminds me of a Supernatural screen the entrance to a cemetery. Just thought it was cool :) Dark Gate, Cambridge, England photo via minnie