rad. doing this for life, not for halloween. http://www.marthastewart.com/265451/rib-cage-t-shirt

Rib Cage T-Shirt

Easy handmade cheesecloth ghost costume by scratchandstitch.com

Cheesecloth Ghost Costume

A twist on classic ghost costume for Halloween. These creepy cheesecloth ghost costumes are cheap, easy-to-make, and fun to wear.

Mason jar jack-o-lantern

This adorable variation of Mason Jar luminaries is a perfect way to light up your Halloween. Line the steps of your house or illuminate the hallway inside for a extra spooky pumpkin path.

Inspiration: Halloween Decor | The Rainy Day Box

Inspiration: Halloween Decor

DIY Halloween Lanterns: Painted mason jars with painted designs. Add a battery operated tea light for an eerie glow.

Painted baby food jars, crafting wire and some battery operated tea lights. Mini lanterns.

Pumpkin Jars: Add treats, candles, or nothing at all… Perfect for saved baby food jars