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a bunch of different types of logos on a white background
Elegant Timeless Brand Marks
Soulful, minimal, timeless, clean, elegant, zen, holistic, botanical, custom icon brand marks symbol design. Crafted with serenity, strategy and love. Enquire via my website to elevate your branding! ©Works by galerie design studio
the silhouettes of different plants and animals are shown in white on a beige background
Icon Set for Phlawless Skin
Icon set, art direction, strategy, copywriting, branding, packaging & website design for Phlawless Skin. Their smart formulas cater to all genders, while celebrating the beauty of diverse skin tones! Phlawless skin isn't just a promise — it's a tribute to every hue. Natural skincare branding, vegan skincare, timeless logo design, bold strong logo, skincare icons, skincare illustration, skin icon set, custom logo design, type design, orange pantone, orange hue. For branding enquiries please visit www.galeriedesignstudio.com ©Works by galerie design studio
the logo for candles is shown in brown and beige colors, with an abstract design
Anviva Candle Refill Logo Design, Brand Identity Design, Packaging Design, Branding @dduendecreative
Now booking August-October.✨ If you feel like your brand identity does not reflect the quality of your products/services or just want to elevate your branding, book your spot! Let’s work together! color palette color theory sophisticated elegant brand identity sustainable organic natural baby skincare candle beauty wellness brand logo botanical ethical ceramic pottery packaging design label design luxury brading candle business handmade candles soy candle making handcrafted candles
Vintage, Desain Grafis, Beauty Logo, ? Logo, Logo Inspiration, Brand Icon, Logo Design
Custom, Handcrafted Brand Design for Sustainable Skincare by Thuro Design
Brand Identity Design Graphic Design, Timeless Brand, Graphic, Graphic Design Typography, Branding, Graphic Design Style
Sustainable Activewear Brand Design
Brand Identity for Sustainable and Chic Activewear Brand
the word utom is written in white on an orange and pink background with abstract shapes
an outdoor seating area with cushions and pillows on the bench, surrounded by cactus trees
a sign hanging from the side of a building that says collecte gem on it
a wooden sign that reads caracoli on the side of a building with glass windows
FOOD / Caracoli
FOOD / Caracoli on Behance