flowers, flowers, flowers

"flowers, flowers, flowers" - in living color on a living canvas by a living artist making a living creating flowers, flowers.

Color owl done by adam barton.


This tattoo is an abstract elephant. It is designed to not be noticed by a simple glance. You need to look a little harder to see it. The trunk up symbolizes good luck. Amazing work by Nikki Ouimette from Forever Yonge Ink in Toronto.

Love this moth lantern Tattoo

Nice wonderland-y tat. Anyone see a finished shot of this one?

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Face Tattoos , another cute picture of funny baby variety, we post alot of Funny Baby Pictures of this series: - Face Tattoos

koi fish tattoo

The koi fish is a popular breed of fish in Japan. Equally popular are tattoo designs inspired by this colorful species. The Japanese library of koi fish tattoos showcases a wide variety of tattoo designs

Skulls and flowers Tattoo no14209

Skulls and flowers Tattoo