If you want a MacBook but you can't afford it, you can make this.

Although I do own a MacBook Pro and an iPhone, I often wonder what causes our society to be so obsessed with Apple products. Generally laptops and phones from Apple will be just as good from other, more reasonably priced brands.


Saw this on the August board and knew you ladies would knock it out of the park! I'm swollen, cranky, and achy and need some laughs. Let those memes rip, Mommas! - Page 57

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Čím víc to máš u prdele, tím víc budeš šťastnější

But occasionally, like the chicken nugget lady, calls come in from dullards, self-absorbed narcissistic lug nuts who think the world around them exists for their benefit. In their eyes, civil serv…

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American River Otter By Marlon Morales and Nathan Balli, . by Marlon

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