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a black and white poster with different types of text on it, including words that are in
Parts of Speech Posters and Anchor Charts
Get 8 mini anchor charts to help teach your students about the 8 parts of speech. These mini anchor charts are a great addition to any student journal.
a cross stitch pattern with the names of different animals and words in each letter, which are
Summer Snow Art - American Framed Artwork
See You Later Alligator by Summer Snow
a woman pointing to the right with text overlaying how to teach kids godly and confidentness
How to Teach Confidence to Kids (11 Truths for Christian Parents) - Vibrant Christian Living
As Christian parents, we want to raise confident kids who make the right choices. But is self-esteem the answer? This post may surprise you…
an image of a computer screen with the words practice that feels like play on it
IXL | Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish
Practice that feels like play. Get the K12 app that teachers use. IXL’s free tablet app is here to make math and language arts practice fun and engaging for kids everywhere. Boasting all the functionality of the IXL website as well as a host of unique tablet-only features, it’s practice that feels like play. Download the teacher-approved K-12 app for free on iPad, Android and Kindle.