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This is how I constructed the shape! It's so easy :) You only need leftover foam dubblesided tape paper tape and a pattern of the shape of your horns. Then just cut out some layers (I used 3 layers per horn) out of the foam. Take some small leftover foam pieces to stick to the inner shape. This will help get a round shape. Then stick another of the shapes to it. And because it is foam you can bend and shape it untill you love your result. Repeat on the backside and then cover the whole…

If you need some bulky shapes for your costume but don't want them to be super heavy then it is easy to use foam as a base! Just cut out some (leftover) pieces of foam into the desired shape stick it all together with tape and wrap the thing with painters

Full EVA Foam Armor - Medion Erazer Girl - YouTube

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